Ultimate Guide to Inventory Source

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Inventory Source

Below are listed some common problems that customers run into, and how to solve them.

1. I’m stuck in onboarding on Step 3.

If you’ve been stuck in onboarding for longer than 24 hours. Please email Support@inventorysource.com. The majority of these cases deals with either invalid credentials or absent credentials for your supplier or website. 

By reaching out to us directly we’ll be able to tell you exactly what we need to get your integration moving.

2. The price on my website is wrong.

If one of your products isn’t showing the price you were expecting on your website, please find the SKU for that product and search for it in your catalog. Clicking the blue “action” button next to the product will show you a drop-down option called “View applied catalog rules”. 

Selecting this box will give you a detailed breakdown of everything affecting the price of the selected product.

If using this feature does not answer your problem as to how the price arrived at your website. 

Please contact support@inventorysource.com and we’ll be happy to fix the issue.

3. My Order is stuck on “Resolve”.

If your order is not processing, please check the error code that appears at the top of the individual order screen. Often times the error is very specific. “There is no shipping address”, “Invalid state code”, “No billing information”.

Issues like this can be fixed by editing the order details inside the individual order by clicking the gear icons.

If an error code appears that is non-specific, please contact support@inventorysource.com

4. I’ve checked the supplier website and it shows that this product has data that isn’t in my feed.

We do our absolute best to provide as much data as we possibly can from each of our suppliers. However, it is sometimes the case that suppliers do not have concrete data for that portion of the data feed. This sometimes happens with MAP pricing and shipping rates.

It’s also possible that the data is not transferable and postable in our dashboard; this often happens with .PDF documents that the supplier may provide for each of the products.

5. A product I have in my catalog is not appearing on my Website.

The most common reason this happens is that the product is out of stock and the “Upload Out of Stock Products” toggle is turned off.

For marketplace integrations, Amazon/eBay/Walmart, the product you are attempting to push over may not have a valid UPC code. Marketplace integrations require UPC codes and without one the marketplace will not be able to recognize the product.

If you’ve checked these options and this is not the case, please email us at support@inventorysource.com

6. My products on Amazon are “restricted”.

For information on why this happens, please review this document.

7. I’ve sold a product on Amazon and it’s not in my supplier feed.

For information on why this happens, please review this document.

8. I didn’t see any information on the Push to eBay tool on this document, where can I find more information?

We have extensive documentation on our Push to eBay tool already on our website. You can find a link to that documentation here.

You can also find videos going over the Push to eBay tool here.

For any other issues, please contact us at support@inventorysource.com or schedule a call here

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