Ultimate Guide to Inventory Source

Chapter 2: Add Integration

How to Integrate Inventory Source

When you first select the “Add Integration” tab, you will be greeted with this screen.

Here, you will select which supplier and which platform you would like to integrate.

For example, a D&H to Shopify integration.

All of our standard integrations will cost $99 per month for a basic Inventory Automation set-up.

Exceptions include US Direct, which requires at least a Full Automation Basic plan for $199 per month and Premium Feeds, that require either Plus Plan, which contain mapped variants provided by Inventory Source.

The next step in the integration process is selecting a payment plan. You have 4 standard options when initially selecting a plan. You can request a Solutions call in order to have a plan custom-made, or integrate a supplier that is not currently in our directory. Understanding the differences between the plans we offer is vital. As understanding what you’re paying for is key to finding the solution that’s right for you.

Inventory vs. Full Automation

Inventory Automation

These plans are for managing inventory ONLY. There are no order management features on any of these plans.

These plans will manage product data, images, categories, price, quantity, status (PQS), and variants as well as provide useful tools for managing inventory.

Full Automation

These plans will involve both an Inventory Automation (IA) and an Order Manager (OM) set-up during onboarding. The OM pulls orders from a store or marketplace, processes the PO#, and pushes tracking information to your potential customer and your selling platform.

For anyone scaling their store after finding that manually processing orders is tedious, this is a must have.

Basic & Plus

The two standard plan types are Basic and Plus. All come with varying features and levels of support for our clients. Many customers find that the basic plan is all that they need, but going to a Plus plan comes with flexibility, frequent inventory updates and improved order and SKU counts.

The Basic Plan

The Basic Plan provides one connected integration for either $99 per month for Inventory Automation, or $199 per month for Order Manager functionality. They have a reasonable SKU limit at 50k listed products and standard support options. 100 orders per month it’s enough for a small business starting to take off. But when using multiple suppliers, or in a high-sale niche, the inventory syncs may not be enough.

The Basic Plan by default allots for 2 automatic syncs per day as well as one “on-demand” sync per 24 hours. If you are someone who is looking to make frequent inventory or price changes, a Plus Plan will probably suit your needs better. Purely based on the amount of syncs available to you.

The Plus Plan

The Inventory Source Plus Plan is a great medium-to-high level plan for our clients. It provides a substantial increase in orders per month (500), SKU count, on-demand syncs and one extra integration. 

The Optimized Sync feature remedies the problem that the Basic plan has, allowing you to have a higher level of automatic syncs throughout the day (dependant on supplier, but usually 5-8) and is a consistent way to keep inventory levels managed for someone looking to integrate multiple suppliers. 

The plus plan also allows you to integrate with premium integrations, including Etilize data feeds, and multi-channel Marketplaces, such as ChannelAdvisor.

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