Join Our Supplier Directory

Gain exposure and acquire new resellers by being added to our dropship Supplier Directory with over 150,000 users and 200 daily sign-ups.

Join Our Supplier Directory

Gain exposure and acquire new resellers by being added to our dropship Supplier Directory with over 150,000 users and 200 daily sign-ups.

Why join the Inventory Source Supplier Directory?

150,000+ Users

Gain ample exposure to our wide audience base of 150,000+ Supplier Directory users.

200+ Daily Sign-Ups

With over 200 sign-ups per day, you will constantly be put before fresh pairs of eyes looking to sell online.

Reseller Store Integrations

Allow your resellers to easily connect their store to auto-sync inventory and order with 25+ ecommerce platforms.

Other Benefits of Becoming a Supplier in Our Directory

Worry Free Dropship Feed Management

  • Allows your resellers to easily load your products into their website without files or field mapping
  • Keep stock levels, pricing, and statuses synced and accurate on your reseller’s stores
  • Automatically add new and in-stock products to your reseller’s stores

Advanced Pricing & Dropship Catalog Management

  • Granular pricing controls to bulk update and markup products by cost, MSRP, weight and more
  • Powerful product filtering by brand, category, price, weight, SKU and other feed data
  • Category mapping tool to load products into their custom store categories

Streamlined Order Management

  • Automated reseller ordering through your standard
  • Reduce manual order entry and error prone
  • Order management tools and
  • Automatically update customers with tracking and shipment information

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to integrate as a supplier?

We charge a setup fee for all custom integrations for bringing new suppliers on board with us. Please reach out to our Supplier Solutions team for a final quote on setup fees and recurring charges for being an integrated supplier with us.

What kind of resellers do you have in your community?

We have been building our reseller community for over 15 years and have a wide range of sellers. We have many that are seasoned retailers that both dropship and buy wholesale, we also have new sign ups everyday from retailers looking to how to get started. We help foster an environment where both the seasoned retailer can grow and expand their business, while also providing the less experienced reseller the resources to get started quickly and become successful in online retailing.

Does Inventory Source act as a “middleman” online distributor?

No. We never markup product prices or charge per order. We are simply automation software. We make it very clear to our customers that our monthly service is for our eCommerce tools and feed management. All suppliers have a directory profile with their contact information and we communicate to our customers that they must apply and become an approved to resell directly through the supplier prior to using our service.

Can we provide your services to our resellers for free?

Suppliers do have the option to purchase services in bulk at a discounted rate on behalf of their dealers and provide promo codes to their key dealers to use for free/discounted service.

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