What are the hottest selling wholesale dropship items on eBay?

While many resellers sell wholesale dropship products on their own shopping cart platform like eBay ProStores, Magento, Presta Shop, osCommerce, Open Cart, Zen Cart, Tomato Cart or other platforms, some resellers combine this with or solely promote wholesale dropship items on marketplace, such as on eBay.  While the shopping cart sellers focus their efforts on improving the marketing of their web stores, the marketplace sellers often have questions like: “What is the hottest item to sell on eBay?” or “What is the best wholesale dropship supplier for my eBay sales?”

The best way to do well selling wholesale dropship products online, or in any business is to enjoy your work.  You should focus on products related to your interest or hobbies.  Do you enjoy hunting or sports?  Do you know a lot about cell phone accessories?   Do you enjoy helping people learn about which fragrance is right for them?  Do you prefer to spend your free time with the latest X-Box, Playstation, or Wii Game?   If you are passionate about the things you sell, you will find it easier to promote your wholesale dropship products and support your eBay customers.

When selling wholesale dropship products on eBay and looking for the hottest items to sell, you do not need to list the full catalog from your wholesale dropship supplier.  Many marketplaces, like eBay, charge a per item listing fee.  While you can easily use an Inventory Source custom file service for eBay File Exchange or eBay Turbo Lister, you might find a more successful approach when using the Push To eBay Tool to list individual and more target items.  This will help you focus your listing fees on a target list of products you can more easily sell and promote the hottest items from your wholesale supplier on eBay.  You can also customize the titles and descriptions easily (as well as select an eBay Template) which will help you use your familiarity with the products or brands to better sell your listings and build more trust with the eBay customers over other wholesale dropship product resellers.

“That sounds great, but what wholesale dropship products should I sell on eBay? What will be the hottest products to sell on eBay?”
Now that you know to focus on a wholesale dropshipping program that has items you enjoy or are familiar with and also focus on a smaller subset of items for a more target eBay strategy, you can begin to focus on the hottest items for your eBay sales efforts.

Get Focused For Your eBay Dropship Sales
Everyone has read about finding a niche for their sales, but what does this really mean?  If you are trying to promote a website, it may be easier to promote particular types of items because the more you focus on cell phone accessories, camping gear, headsets, etc, the more you can leverage your SEO efforts and the more you can be seen as a targeted product source and knowledge leader in the market place for your items rather then just a general website competing on price alone from your wholesale dropship product suppliers.  However, if you are selling on eBay you do not need to work about SEO marketing, but your “eBay Brand” can still be an effective way to sell.  If you are focusing on a smaller niche of products from a large wholesale supplier look at what your products being pushed to eBay might say about your store and how it might establish trust.  If you are selling hot items from baby apparel to lighters and knives, it might be difficult to have a clear “eBay Brand“.  Even if you focus on the best selling hot items for your eBay sales, there is no need to do this from a very diverse product base.  You can easily compete on price and sell hot sellers from a varied group of dropship products, but think about who you might purchase products online.  If you are trying to purchase a tent and one seller on eBay only lists hot selling camping gear items in their store listing while the other seller lists tents mixed in with fragrances or silk flowers, which eBay seller might get your sale?  Either approach can win a sale, but you might find better luck in sales conversions by focusing your eBay listings around a certain focus or “eBay Brand” for your approach.  This does not mean you can only list items from the tents category if you use a general merchandise supplier, but if there is an organized focus to your listings such as “Camping Gear”, “Electronics”, “Dollar Items”, etc…it will be easier to present yourself as an expert in the products you are selling and establish trust with your eBay sales when you have an easy to understand focus, rather then just appearing like an eBay seller listing every item they can source online.  You can easily list any item you like for an eBay sale, but just try testing out a few batches of products that are a similar type or can easily be promoted together.  It will make it easier for you to tell the story of your “eBay Brand” and establish trust with your customers.  You will build a reputation as an excellent source of that product type and your customers will readily buy from you and come back for more.

“I have a focus to my wholesale dropship product sales, but which will be the hottest items to sell on eBay from my dropship wholesale niche?”
If you are buying products in bulk or light-bulk from your dropship wholesale suppliers, then finding the hottest items to sell on eBay will be very important.  You do not want to get stuck with a large amount of some phone accessory, sleeping bag, or fragrance item that users do not seem to want in much demand and give them as holiday gifts to friends and family for the next few years just to move your inventory stock.  However, when selling items from trusted wholesale dropship product distributors, the need to find the hottest item on eBay is less important then finding a quality item to sell on eBay. The reason is you have less risk of getting suck with items that are not the hottest sellers on your auction listings, because you have not had to purchase the inventory first.  The issue with trying to find the hottest selling item on eBay is that it is already being sold by a large number of users.  This causes the price and profit margin to be lower then other items.  Also, some of the so called “hottest ebay products” are MAP based items (we have talked about MAP in some of our other guides) which means there is a minimum price you can sell the item at on eBay and often times for MAP items the difference between MAP and the wholesale cost is very small.  This is the case with items people want to sell on eBay like X-Box, Playstation, iPad, iPhone, Wii, and other related items.  Rather then focusing on only listing the consoles or phones for example or other popular MAP items, focus your listings on the accessories for these items.  Enjoy the popularity of the hottest eBay sellers without facing as much of the competition and while allowing for more room for your profit margin.

Another approach is to find wholesale dropship products that will be hot sellers for you, even if they do not sell in peek demand on eBay as a whole.  Lets say that a camping gear item, like a camping stove is a big seller and 1000 of them just sold on eBay.  However, there might be 100 people selling that item and lets say each person gets 10.  Now, lets say you find a camping gear item, that is not as hot of a seller on eBay (pun intended) like a camping water cooler which sells 300 on eBay that day, but maybe only 10 sellers decided to list that item or maybe even you are one of the only stores that selected that product for sale….well you are able to sell more of these items with less competition and with a higher profit margin, even though this product is not one of the hottest selling ebay items from your wholesale dropship camping supplier.  This is of course a simple example, but the idea is to show you that you only need to have a few customers looking for your item on eBay and the chance to capture more of those wholesale dropship product sales with your customized product listing, such as from your Inventory Source Push To eBay Controls, to quickly become an eBay Power-seller.  Some users do not focus all of their research time on the hottest ebay sellers, but rather, they try to find a dropshipping product that might have a more slow and steady demand for their eBay auction listings.

The statistics on the hottest selling eBay are always based on past sales.  If you are only trying to sell the hottest selling item from your wholesale dropship supplier you might find that you are behind the trend or face growing competition from other wholesale dropship resellers.  You can focus on listing items that are great accessories for the top sellers on eBay or you can plan your efforts around items that are sold in lower volume and try to focus your niche around these items to become an eBay Power-seller by listing items sold in lower volume while you corner more of the market-share on those product listings.   Whatever your focus, just try to find a trusted wholesale dropship product supplier that has the item types that you are most familiar with or interested in and you will enjoy customizing your listings and promoting these products as you build your eBay sales success story.

Inventory Source:
For almost 10 years now, Inventory Source has been the premier solution provider for wholesale dropship product resellers.  We provide our members with the tools and features needed to easily manage their products from a growing list of the best wholesale dropship programs in North America.  We can help you sell on eBay with our new Push To eBay Tool or with a variety of custom file options.  We can even help you expand your online sales to new marketplaces or website platforms.

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