How to turn off international shipping for Amazon Seller Central

When you are getting started with a new account on Amazon it is important to review your feed if you are using a manual custom product file import or even with your automation settings. Test your listings slowly by excluding many of your categories for example (and/or by price range if you prefer) with the initial loads during the first week.  It will give you a chance to assess your supplier feed, UPCs, supplier response, shipping times, and just give you a chance to get more familiar with how to navigate your Amazon account and supplier order process.  With the Inventory Source product data management service you can easily import all items from your supplier, but we recommend during your first week or two just use a smaller sub-set of your products.  This will help you to plan your settings, prices, etc before a bigger product push.

One thing many resellers forget to adjust when getting started is their shipping settings.  It is best to keep things simple with your new account.  The biggest issue with shipping cost calculations will come with international orders.  To avoid any cost issues with shipping rates, we recommend you keep the listings simple, and just exclude international shipping as an option.  Again, you can easily add it back if your supplier allows for international shipping, but during your first few weeks while you learn the system and test your order volume, just turn off this options from your Amazon Seller Central Account.

Below are the steps for changing Amazon shipping settings.
1.    Login to
2.    Go to Settings >>> Shipping Settings
3.    Here you will see all the shipping settings for your account under ”Your Per Item/Weight Based Model” section.
4.    Click on “Edit” button present at the top right of this section and edit your shipping settings as needed for your Amazon account.

If you want us to make any changes in the product values sent with your feed updates, just let us know, but changing this setting in the account directly is the quickest way for you to apply account wide changes like turning off international shipping options for your products.

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