Frequently Asked Questions

No. When using the include only feature of our tool, this means you are including these SKUs selected and other filters do not apply.

We have different packages depending on if we are automatically loading your updates or providing you the updates in a downloadable file. All of our services are month to month and begin at $50/month. We also offer our free account access which is provided without any trial period. You can use it for as long as you need while browsing the supplier programs and tutorials we offer without charge.

No, absolutely not! We are not “middlemen” like some other sites you might have reviewed. We help you find suppliers and manage their product information in the exact format you need for your website or marketplace listings. The profits from every sale are yours to keep. We do help you to control your own price markups with your automation and custom file account features, but we do not add any additional fees.

Yes. Inventory Source will help you automatically load dropship ready products into any new website, we even help you evaluate and get setup with our TurnKey Dropship Website offering. This is the quickest and easiest ways to launch a website for your product sales. Create your free account to learn more about our Hosted Website Package.

Yes. You can sign up your account for free and use the Inventory Browser to see the products from each of the suppliers. Once you choose the supplier(s) you want to work with, you can begin selling the products right away. Create your free account to use our Inventory Browser tool and to see our inventory of products from the trusted wholesale supplier programs.

The File Download section is where you choose the file format of the product information of the suppliers you have subscribed to. You simply choose the file format you need and select the supplier and you instantly have the product information in the format you need for your website or marketing needs. Downloadable image files are also available. If you need the information in a different format, we can provide you on-demand or automated information in any format you require for an additional fee.

For any supplier subscription, we can include a Custom File. We can provide your supplier data in any CSV or XML product format with your custom pricing and product controls in place. Simply provide us with a sample structure for your file format, and we can update your data feed everyday at a static URL for you to use. We can make this file for any shopping cart format or online marketplace. This solution is a perfect fit regardless off the website you use or where you are looking to list products in bulk for sale.

If you are asking this question, you might be new to selling wholesale drop ship products, or you have not sold products in large volume. We often hear from people who have struggled for years selling products on-line. Then they find us, use our services, and they realize how much real value our services add to their business. If you do not physically possess the items that you sell in your own warehouse, such as with drop ship products, then what you are really selling is the product information to your customer and the sales and service you provide. Without accurate and high quality product information presented on your site, you do not have anything to offer your clients. The accuracy of the data on your site becomes part of your brand image.

Also, suppliers can change there price for multiple reasons. If you put a product on your site at $50 with a $10 mark-up and they raise the price to $60. You just lost all profit. However, if you use Inventory Source, you set your price settings. As your suppliers raise or lower the prices they charge you, we can raise or lower your prices on your site with your price setting to protect your profit margin. Also, your site will be one of the FIRST online to offer the new price or new products that are added to their catalogs. This gives you the traffic when people search for this product. Let all of the other resellers try to succeed with less accurate information or spend hours every day updating price and quantity lists while you promote your site and process your orders.

Quantity and status updates are needed, because there are few things that are more irritating for suppliers, resellers, and most importantly customers then trying to complete a sale for an out of stock product. Your feedback on marketplaces and even customer retention will be severely damaged when a custom tries to complete an order for a product that you have listed as available, but the supplier has as out-of stock. That is why we update these field, and can do this for you with the automation service, or give you the daily details in a file download service?
When it comes to selling drop ship products who have to know you have a trusted wholesale supplier source, and you need to ensure the price, quantity, and status of a product on your website are accurately listed on your site.

We are offering you automated inventory management and formatted product information and data from a network of drop ship suppliers. (In other words, we save you time and help you sell and manage more products which come directly from the suppliers.) We are a data solution provider for wholesale drop ship resellers, and we can act like your IT Department or Supply Chain Solution Provider and can also serve as your Sales Department by making it easier for you to list products in more places from your wholesale suppliers.

We do not mark-up products with hidden fees and have you order from us. We give you free access to the supplier details and we do not stand in-between you and your own supplier relationship. We sell our monthly data services for the supplier programs that you have selected which may include, standard file tool access, custom files in any format, full product and image loading to your current website, automated inventory updates applied on your live site, hosted site packages for those needing a web presence, as well as other custom programming or data needs.
Our data services help you with your existing website site or 3rd party market places, such as Shopify, Big Commerce, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo! Stores, WordPress & WooCommerce, Volusion, Google Shopping, Price Grabber, Shopzilla, and many more. You can order your products from the verified suppliers in our network and they are your product distributor. We become your product DATA distributor providing you with data solutions so your catalog from multiple suppliers integrates with your site and coordinates with your various sales channels. Our data services make sure you have the latest products on your site with the latest quantity and price updates. Our services are month to month, with no long term contracts, and you can cancel at any time.

We have been helping resellers since 2003 and are the largest data service provider for dropship resellers. Create your free account to learn more about how we can help you like we have helped thousands of other resellers. Also, if you are new checkout our dropship blog to learn more about our services or learn more about how you can sell products easily online direct from real wholesale suppliers.

Full automation is automating both your product catalog feed from your suppliers but also your incoming order management and shipment tracking. In addition to the intuitive order management and reporting features, our full automation service includes the inventory automation in the lower pricing plan that allow you to automate your pricing, product filters, and category management. The Pricing Tool, provides granular controls over your product pricing markup, allowing you to set a fixed or percentage price based on cost or suggested retail pricing. Our Product filter tool ensures you are only loading the products you want to sell from any of the given suppliers into your website or marketplace account by allowing you include or exlude products from your feed based on price, category, brand, weight, and SKU. Finally, our category management tool provides the means to “map” the supplier provided categories to your own product categories on your website.

No. If you have an existing website and would like to use our services to load/update your product catalog we simply need administrative access to push the product data feed to your site. There are no other code changes to your site, just a simple XML push of product data into your product catalog.

We are based in Jacksonville, Florida and operate Mon-Fri 8am-5pm EST. We are a medium sized company designed to provide large corporate data services and features to small business owners. We are a privately held company and share no ownership with any external firms. Our goal is to help our customers succeed and earn their business on a monthly basis.

Our Free Hosted Site Option is the easiest and cheapest way to get started selling products online for most our customers that are new to dropship. We provide a turn key, yet fully customizable website built on the Zen Cart Platform automatically loaded with the products of your supplier(s) and hosted on our servers, all include in our inventory or full automation plan pricing. Our team also offers full design, customization, and advanced setup at fixed prices.

Established in 2003, Inventory Source is one of the longest standing dropship automation businesses. Over the years we have developed the tools to meet the unique needs to dropship retailers as well as made a strategic decision to allow our customers to integrate directly with the dropship suppliers and not act as a middleman as some competitors do. The “middleman” model is not ideal for the long term growth of any dropship retailer and we are highly invested in our customers’ success.

Yes. In addition to selling on your existing website or our hosted website package, we allow you to push your products automatically to your eBay and Amazon account with our automation tools to help you manage price, categories, and product filters.

Absolutely! Your business should be YOUR business. Our wholesale drop ship data services can integrate with your site or sales channels without impacting your existing products. We have resellers who make products, offer services, and sell from small suppliers not in our network while letting us help them grow their catalog.

Yes. We have integrations with some of the largest wholesale dropship programs in North America, as well as smaller more niche suppliers. All of the trusted suppliers in our network do single item dropship orders. You can view all of the suppliers in the Inventory Browser tool in your free Inventory Source account.
If you are new to selling online we can help you find trusted sources for your product sales. You can browse the details of the REAL suppliers and get setup with them to sell directly. You can browse the various categories, brands, and product details from each supplier, so that you can determine which product source or sources is best for you. These suppliers will ship with your logo and program details on their invoices and ship the products for you to your customers. There is no minimum order for any of the suppliers in the network.

In order to get started with us you will first need to create a free account.