Selling Wholesale Dropship Fragrance And Perfume Products Online

Everyone has experience buying fragrances and it is easy to see why many people assess if they should also sell wholesale drop ship fragrances online. If you have always wanted to try your hand at your own online fragrance business, and you are interested in wholesale dropship, then take advantage of a partnership with Inventory Source.  Since 2002, we have helped online sellers promote fragrance items online.  If you are looking to get started with a wholesale dropship fragrance website, then you might want to consider a few points:

Get Your Paperwork In Order For Your Wholesale Fragrance Business

All online wholesalers will require your reseller license or business tax identification number. The paperwork differs depending upon the state you live in. You must have this number in order to buy wholesale from any reputable dealer, and then to sell the products on your website. This is not just for wholesale dropship fragrance suppliers, but for any supplier, regardless of their product type.  Avoid middleman sites like Shopster, Doba or fakes and scams pretending to be a true wholesale supplier.  Scams wont ask for your tax ID so it seems easier to get started with them rather then doing it the correct way, but why would a scam want to make it hard for you to pay them money?  When you get a real account with a real wholesale supplier, then you can order from them directly.  You can only order from real suppliers once you provide the correct documentation.   It can take a few minutes to fill in these forms online to get your tax documentation.  As an established business, you have access to wholesale prices and wholesalers who will dropship to your customers directly with your logo and name rather then some generic label used by some middleman site.  You will also get much better prices and shipping costs then you can from middlemen like Doba.  Inventory Source has a lot of experience with wholesale suppliers.  We have had suppliers request integration with our program and have even removed some wholesale dropship fragrance suppliers in the past when they no longer provided the level of customer service our members demand, but the current suppliers in our program represent the “best of the best” and we can easily add and update their data for you every day.

Test Your Site With Fragrance Testers

Testers are bottles of fragrances that are packaged so that you can test the fragrances to see if you like them.  The suppliers have all of their major fragrances offered with small testing bottles which are sometimes as low as a few cents per fragrance.  When you activate your website or get started with your eBay listings, this is a perfect time to try a few tests.  You can test the checkout process for your listings, test your suppliers response time, and experience your fragrance listings from a client’s point of view.  More then this, when you order several tester items, this will let you know more about your fragrances.  Many of our fragrance resellers might have only tried a few scents through the years, but this is your chance to really understand your product line.  This will also give you a great chance to improve your SEO.  You can select one of the scents and feature it on your site or blog.  Write to your clients and recommend it.  Tell your customers what type of person would be a good match for this scent.  Its hard to really know the fragrance when buying online so this is a way you can help your clients.  You should improve the descriptions of these items as well with more details about your thoughts on the fragrances.  We like to recommend improving the description for 10-20 products a week, but if you at least add content to the products you have featured or added to the Specials section of your website, this will improve your SEO.  Better descriptions for your wholesale products help convert the traffic you do have an over time, it will also improve your natural search rank for your wholesale dropship fragrance website.  This is also very important for our users selling through the Push To eBay Tool. The tool lets you easily customize your titles and descriptions so becoming more familiar with your products will help you improve your eBay auction listings.

How do you know what scent to buy when shopping online?  It is not easy unless a customer already knows what they want to buy when they come to your website.  However, try telling them more about the items in the product descriptions.  Promote great options with the Featured Products or Bestseller section of your website.  Add content pages to your website or use a blog and tell people about which fragrances are best for certain personality types, Zodiac signs, events, or moods.  Help make your customers decision process easier.  Besides being great for SEO, the more content you provide to your customers about the items you sell the longer they will remain on your site and the more likely they will be willing to checkout from your store when they are ready to order your recommended product.

Also, because of the low cost, you can easily offer testers to your customers or with periodic promotions. For example, rather then offer free shipping for orders over $100, why not offer a free fragrance and send the tester bottle for that customer to try.  If you have a customer adding several fragrances to an order, why not add a tester or two based on something you think they might like or something in a totally different “scent direction”.  Try promoting a fragrance and feature your promotion and let your customers know if they buy that bottle of Versace they get a free trial of Burberry or if they pick some name brand fragrance you select, then you will give them another tester scent from that same brand line to try.  Your customer might like the Polo Sport and order that next time instead of Polo Safari because you sent them that fragrance to try.  There really are a lot of possibilities when promoting your fragrance products.  However, if you are not familiar with the various scents on your website, how do you expect to be able to help your customers order more from your store?

Use Your Custom Fragrance Category Mapping and Perfume Brand Filters

Inventory Source provides you with amazing custom product tools to control your product data.  When you have a wholesale dropship product website, especially when you have a fragrance website, this is the perfect opportunity to use your tools to improve your store presentation.  When some resellers look at selling wholesale fragrances they are thinking about brands like Remy Latour Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Hugo Boss, E. Arden, Giorgio, Mackie, Carolina Herrera, Lagerfeld, Liz Claiborne, Calvin Klein, Nina Ricci, Chloe, Versace, Burberry, Dior, Cool Water, Bora Bora, Escape, Eternity, Red, Amarige, Hot Couture, Narcisse, Curve, Bijan, Lucky You, Candies, Dolce & Gabbana, and others.  However, while people are familiar with many of these brands, wholesale dropship suppliers have a much larger collection of product lines.  You can have all of the products and categories and brands load from your wholesale fragrance supplier, but you might not want them to all load.  You can easily filter out lines that might distract from your  core product lines.

If your supplier has 10,000 products but you want to focus on 1,000, then does having these other items on your site add value or take away value from your dropship site?  They do add more content that can be indexed, but if you are looking to organize your sales pitch more you can easily do this with your wholesale fragrance website.  You do not have to trim your catalog down too much, but if you have a high-end design or only feature the high-end names then you might be fine to filter out some of the brands that tend to be sold in the corner pharmacy more then the big department stores.  Some wholesale resellers want their site to focus on discount fragrances or low cost items.  If this is the case, then you might want to remove brands that have high costs or do not have much room for margin.

People often display their brands and categories alphabetically.  If you have a few brands you want to sell and feature more then others, then you might simply want to exclude other brands that begin with the same letter regardless of their cost or quality.  If you want certain brands to get more attention, for whatever reason, then simply trimming down the options that would appear next to that line in the category or brand listing will help that fragrance stand out.  Another approach is to organize more of your fragrance subcategories so you keep all of the items on your website, but you might not want to categorize your high-end products and low-end products the same way.  For example, the high-end brand names are all easily recognizable.  If you are looking at Fragrances For Women and see names like Gucci or Ralph Lauren, then it is easy to know if those categories have the fragrance you might need.  However, if your wholesale fragrance supplier has some other brand names that do not have the same recognition, then why promote them the same way as you sell a Dior fragrance?  Try taking some of the categories used for these brands that do not have the popularity and use your category mapping tool to group some of them together.  You can name the category “Bargain Fragrances” or “Teen Fragrances” or try grouping a few of these products into different  collections like “Music Artist Fragrances” or “Summer Scents” rather then showing all of these names that are not recognized by most customers.

There is no clear right way to customize your catalog.  You might prefer to have as many products as possible, but with some of the largest wholesale fragrance suppliers there are plenty of reasons to look at customizing your product listing, even if it is just to exclude products without images or price ranges that do not fit your target audience or by simply organizing some of the brand ranges into different subcategories.

When selling dropship products online, either from an existing website or on eBay and marketplaces, there are lots of rules for selling your items successfully regardless of the product types.  However, wholesale dropship fragrances are different enough from many other product niches that there are a few approaches to consider when running a wholesale fragrance business.  Let Inventory Source help you find the right supplier and learn more ways to become successful with your online sales.