Purchase an
Integrated Supplier Plan

What does an
Integrated Supplier Plan include?

For $49/month, you will receive the following:
  • Listing on the Inventory Source Supplier Directory
  • Dedicated supplier page in respective product niche
  • Eligibility for Featured Supplier features
  • Compatibility for our dropship automation software services
  • Appearance on almost all Supplier Directory searches
  • Ability to utilize our powerful B2B automation platform, Flxpoint
  • Featuring in our monthly New Suppliers newsletter (sends to over 80k retailers)
  • Enrollment in our targeted retailer outreach
  • Eligibility to be on the US Direct catalog

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Inventory Source and Flxpoint?

Inventory Source has two different services, a Supplier Directory and automation tools to integrate dropship suppliers to retailer websites and sales channels. Flxpoint, from the supplier/distributor’s perspective, is the vendor login and tool for you to be integrated into Inventory Source and have more control over product management, order management and reseller management.


Inventory Source automates your resellers’ operations. Flxpoint automates your, the suppliers’, B2B processes.

What websites and marketplaces do you integrate with?

We are integrated with the top ecommerce sales channels. You can find them all here.

How do payments work in regards to my reseller that is using your automation services?

Your reseller collects the payment of the order on their website or marketplace. It then automatically comes into their Inventory Source dashboard and then automatically placed on your Orders page on your Flxpoint account. From here you can either capture payments within Flxpoint with our Stripe Payments integration, OR we can defer the payment and you can collect payments outside of the system and our services.


Some suppliers like to utilize our Stripe integration since we can automatically capture payments for you. Others like to handle this outside of Flxpoint and with their own system.

How does the pricing plans work for me coming on board & those that want to integrate to me as their supplier?

You, as the supplier/distributor, will need to pay our $49/mo supplier subscription cost to be an integrated supplier. You are paying for a much better partnership with us, getting to utilize our enterprise platform Flxpoint, and be compatible for our integration services for your reseller.


Your retailer/reseller, if they would like to integrate you as their supplier to their sales channel(s), would purchase our Inventory Automation plan or our Full Automation plan.


The Inventory Automation plan starts at $99/mo and this plan lets the seller push products to their site (we actually create the listing of the products on their site for them), keep inventory updated daily, keep pricing updated daily, and we provide a very user-friendly UI for them to manage their product catalog, price markups, categories, settings, etc.


The Full Automation plan, which starts at $199/mo, is everything you get with Inventory Automation explained above, but then we add on the order automation flow where we pull orders automatically from the seller’s channels bring them into Inventory Source and then automatically push that to your Flxpoint account, from there we then wait for the tracking details. Once tracking numbers are updated, we send that back automatically to the seller’s order on their sales channels.

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