Eldorado Turn-Key Shopify Store

$699 setup + 3 months free!

($99/mo after first 3 months)

This store comes pre-loaded with dropship ready Eldorado products, inventory/order auto-sync and a premium Shopify theme so you can sell more products both online and in-store.

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The following is all included in the $699 setup + $99/mo plan:

($99/mo begins after first free 3 months)*

IS Full Automation Plan

Auto-upload/update your inventory to your store and sync orders.


$199/mo Value

Premium Theme

Spruce up your ecommerce store with an included premium Shopify theme.


$50 Value

Dropship Course

Learn the ins and outs of ecommerce and dropship in this course for free.


$26 Value

*Shopify Basic Plan ($29/mo) not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have full ownership of my Shopify store?

Yes. We will setup your Shopify store using our partner account and transfer full rights and account ownership to your store once setup is complete.

It says 3 months free, why am I having to pay monthly for a Shopify Basic Plan?

A Shopify Basic Plan is required in order for US Direct to build your store. This payment will be made monthly, directly to Shopify. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to set this up prior. We will create your Shopify account and transfer ownership to you once your store is completed. You will not be billed until the Shopify store has been transferred.

So what am I getting for free in the first 3 months?

You will have access to the Inventory Sources Full Automation Plan ($199/mo) at no charge. And, for choosing US Direct to be your Shopify Turn Key provider, after your first 3 months you will only be charged $99/mo for these same great benefits.

Now that my 3 free months are up, what do I have to pay for?

You’ll pay $29/mo directly to Shopify. Then, you’ll pay $99/mo for Inventory Source’s Full Automation Plan ($199/mo value). This ensures your product inventory remains in sync with your store and your orders are successfully routed to suppliers.

Can I add other suppliers or my own products to my store?

Yes. At any time, you can add your own products or reach out to any of the suppliers listed in the Inventory Source Supplier Directory to become a direct reseller. Addition supplier integration cost $70.

Contact Us to Learn More

Contact Us to Learn More