7 eCommerce Tips For Holiday Social Media

It seems like only a year ago you were planning for your big eCommerce holiday sales period…but that is because it was.  Black Friday and Christmas are right around the corner, and with a reported 16% growth in eCommerce sales expected this year vs last year, the holidays are a great opportunity for you and your sales channels.

Your social media efforts are a perfect way to take advantage of this opportunity. It can help promote and extend your brand and build awareness for the types of products you sell…all at a minimal expense.

If you are a wholesale dropship ecommerce store owner, then here are a few quick social media marketing tips you can try holiday season.

1. Integrate Social Media

Social media is about connection. It should not be viewed as a fully separate business channel, but rather a connected component of how you sell. Social media might not drive your sales, but if used effectively it can help support your growth.

So, what does it mean to “integrate” your social media? Instead of just making a Facebook update and telling your customers/followers to share it, you can have the post and content begin with an email marketing campaign. If you send out a notice via email to your customers, then encourage them to share that message and your offers or latest product recommendations with their friends. You can add social sharing buttons to your product pages, so your store listings get promoted directly on the social network. If you do post content starting on that social channel first, just make sure that content connects back with a link to one of the pages on your site.

Integrating your social media posts with your other marketing efforts and site content is a simple step, but an often overlooked one.

2. Its The Holidays, So Decorate

Social networks always have some image for a profile picture or other places where an image can be shared, from a background image, to a direct option to share an image.

It’s important to get your customers in the mood during the holidays, so share some fun imagery with them with some seasonal graphics and banners.

There are sites like Canva.com which offer some great ready made images and simple tools to add text or create effects. If you want to learn a more detailed software option, you can download Gimp which is an open source version of Adobe’s image editing software. There are also simple tools like Pixlr or you can even create image files in PowerPoint.

Another great option if you are on an extreme budget, is to look at some of the design, logo, or banner services being offered on Fiverr.com You can find designers who will get you a web ready graphic based on your needs in 1-3 days in most cases for around $5. You might not get an image you will want to hang in a museum, but you will get a great option for your site for a few dollars which will meet the need of most store owners on a budget.

Adding visual content to your posts is a great way to get more exposure directly through the channel and it also makes it more likely to get content shared by your users or commented on by them as well for a bigger reach. When you add a visual component to your content post and use a holiday theme for that image you are following two great tips in one for your holiday promotions.

3. Holidays Are A Great Time To Support A Cause

Sure people give gifts around the holidays, but charitable giving also rises around these dates. If you feel like your ecommerce store is not as easy to get your followers to promote, then use your business to promote a great cause.

You can help raise funds for a charity you support and create good will with your customers which can improve longterm loyalty. You can use crowdfunding sites for this like Go Fund Me or You Caring to allow them to give directly, or let them know that a portion of the sales for that weekend or month will be donated to the cause or donated based on the number of likes or shares your promotion receives.

When the fund period is over, its another great social media content post (remember to add an image) about how the campaign went, and its another great chance for them to like or share your update.

4. Send Personal Holiday Greetings To Your Customers

Your mother was right, it can pay to be polite. Send a personal holiday greetings to your biggest customers through the social media platforms. You don’t have to make it public….you can reach out to your friends and followers directly. Thank them for their business and wish them well during the holidays.

You can also send out a holiday message to your full customer list, but taking some time to send a more personal note to your biggest clients or to the folks who are more active on your social media channels will always be appreciated and can help boost future sales.

Another option is use Instagram or Vine or upload a YouTube video to your channel thanking your customers in mass or simply share an ecard.

5. Start A Holiday Social Media Contest

During the holidays, it can be a fun time to try a contest through your social media channel. Sites like Offerpop and Antavo are easy to use for first timers. There are bigger and more expensive ways to customize a contest offer, but many of the out-of-the-box content solutions are a great place to start.

6. Create Relevant Holiday Specific Content And Tips

When making a social media post, it should be more then just some link to a product. Create content connected to the holiday or holiday issues and showcase some products that can make the holidays easier.

Recommend some great kitchen appliances or that can help with those big holiday meals. If people are worried about how to host friends and families during the long holiday stays show how some of your outdoor camping gear items like air-mattresses, sleeping bags, or even tents or canopies can be great for the additional guests or backyard festivities.

You could just make a post about some of your grilling and BBQ items, but why not make the recommendation tied to the holiday like “Top 10 Backyard BBQ Items To Improve Your Thanksgiving Meals & Family Feasts”. You can include tips for reducing stress and work in a few bath & body recommendations to help.

You don’t have to always make your content about product sales. You can just as easily make some personal recommendations for making the holidays more meaningful, offer some inspirational or holiday quotes, or share any thoughts which help put them in touch with whats important that season.

7. Don’t Forget To Also Enjoy The Holidays Yourself

If the season is about family and spending time with your loved ones….if you are also changing some of your “office hours” or order processing times, let them know you too are going to be spending time with your loved ones so encourage them to shop now so you are online to help before the holiday begins.

See….you can even turn the fact that you are reducing some of your own work hours into a positive, when using social media communication for the holidays effectively.

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