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We hope you enjoy these detailed video guides. These guides will help you to learn more about how to utilize your customizable Inventory Source account features from managing your prices, categories, or your basic account details.

ebay_iconPush To eBay Tool

This guide is a short walk through of the Push To eBay Feature and explains a few of the tools controls and custom options. Inventory Source can help you list products with custom eBay File Exchange and Turbo Lister files, but this Push To eBay tool is a GREAT way to get started with wholesale dropship product listings on your eBay account. You can list products from your supplier subscriptions with various level of default account settings. You can customize the product listing settings changing the price markup, shipping options, eBay theme, eBay categories and more. Another great aspect of this tool is the ability to change the product titles and description content and formatting for an improved listing. This guide is a great introduction to the tool, and you can review the more detailed text based guide listed in your Inventory Source account.

gear_iconCustom Price Setting Tool

This feature is available to all custom file and drop ship automation users. This guide will show you how to set fixed dollar markups, percentage markups, tiered markups, and discounts from MSRP. You can add additional fixed dollar additions, set minimum prices, have all products end in a value like 99 cents, and more. When you sell hundreds or thousands of items from your wholesale product supplier, this tool allows you to easily customize your prices and profit margins as often as you like. You can control your own price strategies for each supplier and each product listing. This means you can have one price load to your eBay ProStore for example, while a different price strategy is applied to your eBay Auction Turbo Lister products and your price settings will update every day.

gear_iconSingle Product Price Override Tool

If you are a Custom File or Dropship Automation User, you can control your wholesale dropship profit margins for your products in bulk with the global price settings. These settings are found in your Custom Price Settings menu in your account. However, you might want to set some special prices on some items or apply a lower or higher profit margin to a single item differently from the prices applied to all of your other wholesale products. This guide will show you how you can set individual price overrides for any of your items. You can edit existing prices and apply specific price settings or dollar amounts to as many of your products as you want. This tool allows you to get the exact price, right down to the exact cent value for any of your products that you need, while other items are controlled with your bulk custom price settings.

gear_iconCustom Category Mapping Tool

The Advanced Category Mapping tool allows custom file and automation users at to get the exact catalog format that they need for their wholesale supplier product listings with push-button controls. You can use the tool to merge a new supplier with the existing categories on your site (ie eBay ProStores, Magento, VirtueMart, Joomla, osCommerce, and others) by replacing the default category structure from your supplier with a new custom mapping format. You can easily exclude main or sub categories and their related products. You can replace the product type category format with a brand structure. You can reduce or reorganize the categories that show on the main page of your site by adding a Top Level or Parent Category Level over any of your supplier categories as needed. Managing thousands of products from multiple wholesale suppliers on one or more sales channels has never been easier. Watch and learn how you can get the exact dropship product organization that you need for your ecommerce product sales.

gear_iconAdvanced Product Filtering Tool

All wholesale product automation users and custom file users at Inventory Source have access to the Advanced Product Filters. This is a perfect way to make sure that only the products that you want loaded to your product listings for any platform (like Yahoo Store, eBay ProStore, Magento, Zen Cart, VirtueMart, or other cart types) and your marketplace listings (like Price Grabber, Amazon, eBay, or others) have only the products that you want from your wholesale drop ship supplier sources. The simple Inventory Source tool lets you filter products by price, image, MAP, quantity, and more.

gear_iconStandard Product and Image File Tool

At Standard Download File Users and Full Automation Users both have access to the Dropship Data File Tool. This simple 3 step tool lets you filter wholesale products from your suppliers by New, Active, Inactive, and all. You can also create various dropship file types like CSV, Excel, Amazon, eBay Turbo Lister, Yahoo Store Bulk Import format and more. This tool will also allow you to access the wholesale dropship large and thumbnail product images for your suppliers.

whfile_iconEdit Your Billing Info, Contact Details, and Create Email Notifications

This guide shows Inventory Source drop ship resellers how to manage their primary account information, change their billing details, or add additional email IDs. It is important to make sure each member of your team has their email addresses configured with this Edit Account Info tool to make sure your wholesale drop ship data service account gets our various important account notifications. You can also add more then one of your own email ID’s if you prefer to use one for any billing information while another email ID alerts you to more frequent notifications, such as the daily inventory alerts.

gear_iconActivate Your Product Alerts

This is a quick video guide for how to use your account to signup for new product alert emails from your wholesale drop ship supplier sources. You can add alerts from one or more of your wholesale suppliers and get daily, weekly, or monthly notices of any new products added by your drop ship sources.

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