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Providing Marketing Support And Dropship Solutions

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Dropship Solutions

Since its inception in 2002, Inventory Source has become one of the most significant marketing resources for wholesale drop ship product resellers. The custom file data service provides small to medium size businesses the same level of customizable data tools and support normally reserved for the larger e-commerce companies.

Inventory Source data aggregation capabilities allow resellers to sync their wholesale product listings across multiple sales and marketing channels with services costing less then 50 cents a day.

“Just look at the first 12 hours of the file you just load On Amazon MarketPlace…If we just keep this pace, you are looking at $5,000 in sale just over the weekend here. This is looking like over $20,000 to $30,000 in Sales per month at this pace.
I never though I would be saying, I hope this thing “SLOWS” down…When I look at it at 12 Noon, it was at $43. I look at it again at 6 PM and it was at $1,500. I almost had a heart attack! And this upload you did is not even 24 hours old yet. “
- John Y., Consumers Corp.

There is a growing trend in the number of options for resellers to directly sell or promote their product listings. The two basic types of market channels are: Direct Sale and Price Comparisons.

The Direct Sale model is a market place that allows a reseller to list inventory for sale and checkout through their Dropship Solutions service. This means, even without a website, you can upload your products and leverage their marketplace traffic. Products are listed directly on the marketplace platform and checkout through their payment portal. Ebay is perhaps the most famous version of a Direct Sale marketplace. They offer both the auction and direct purchase formats.

The price comparison channels are also extremely powerful tools and marketing outlets. A reseller can list the products that sell on their own website. Users search through these listings to see which vendor has the best products or sale items and review and post feedback on their shopping experience. Users are taken directly to the resellers’ own websites for purchasing these products. The Google Base and PriceGrabber services are some of the leaders in the comparison shopping arena.

Regardless of whether you are looking to use Direct Sale or other third-party channels, Inventory Source can act like your IT Department and offer a customizable data solution to meet your needs.

    •    Upload your products in bulk to any marketplace.
    •    Be the first to list new products and hot selling items.
    •    Improve feedback and seller ratings with accurate product data like quantity and status every day.
    •    Customizable options for removing products based on SKU, brands, price levels, categories and many other product fields.
    •    Easily manage your sales and price changes in bulk every day (A perfect solution for weekend sales or holidays.)

Many of our users are currently using the custom file marketing solutions for Google Base, Shopzilla, Amazon Marketplace and Seller Central, Price Grabber, Ebay, Nextag, Google Shopping, and more.  The Inventory Source solutions, like our customizable file service, allow you to compete with some of the largest on-line retailers….no matter your experience level.

Get the customizable product data marketing and management capabilities that match the performance of a large dedicated IT Team for pennies a day, and turn your E-Commerce into EZ-Commerce today with an Inventory Source account.