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PrestaShop is a feature rich open source shopping cart platform used by a growing list of store owners.  While some store owners enjoy many of the easy to customize site modules and dynamic AJAX-powered features, the back-office settings and SEO tools are certainly able to win-over even the newest ecommerce users.  In our efforts to integrate with some of the most powerful shopping cart platforms around, Inventory Source is pleased to offer the full automation integration between our wholesale dropship data management services and the PrestaShop platform.

Without any need for customization to your PrestaShop code or the addition of an new module installs, a PrestaShop store owner can easily have their dropship products and images automatically load and update everyday, 7-days a week.  We simply load a single PHP file to your webstore and it allows your PrestaShop store to communicate with your InventorySource.com account automation settings for one or more wholesale dropship supplier programs.  The Inventory Source automation service is like adding a full plug-in IT Department or supply chain management service to your existing website!

Everyday the products that you select will load and update, even from multiple wholesale distributors. The Inventory Source PrestaShop product management solution lets us automatically update the price, quantity, and status for all of the products on your store.  Finally, you can avoid out of stock sales, price change issues, MAP policy changes, poor HTML product data quality, bulk price change problems, missing weight values, missing out on new product additions, and so much with a data solution specifically designed for the PrestaShop user community.

Visit us on our main site InventorySource.com today.  Find quality wholesale dropship distributors that you can trust and work with DIRECTLY without any middleman in between your website and your profits and let us automatically load and update your PrestaShop so you can sell more and work less.  Find out why Inventory Source not only developed the first dropship data management solution for PrestaShop store owners, but also the best solution online today.