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Inventory Source

If you already have a functioning website and would like backend help integrating CBK custom product feed into your existing framework.

Drop ship products - Free account


Company Background

Inventory Source was founded in 2002 by experienced ecommerce experts who knew that small and medium sized business owners could achieve success if they had access to the same technological resources of the largest corporations. When selling wholesale drop ship products on-line, your single most importantasset is the product data.


How Can Inventory Source Help?

  • Do you already have a site or platform experience, and you just want CBK custom data selling from your current store?
  • Are you still working to get started with a new site, but you want one without all of the setup hassles?
  • Do you want your products listed on various marketplaces and sales channels?
  • Would you like automated product and image loading services,
    custom category tools, brand and product filters, custom price strategy
    controls, and more?
  • Are you lost trying to add new products and update price and quantity changes everyday?


Inventory Source supports all of the following shopping cart systems:

List of ecommerce software packages

Drop ship products - Free account


"I have been in this business since 1998 and I have to say that your customer service is # 1 in my book."
"I just love your service and how you work with us. As long as I as we are in business, your firm will always be a part of our operational function, just like our Internet service."
"It just can’t get simpler"

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