Joomla Dropshipping Integration Made Easy

joomla dropshipping

Inventory Source has not only been the first product data management solution created for the Joomla platform, it continues to be the best solution for Joomla owners looking to leverage their CMS into an ecommerce website.

Some Joomla users may be familiar with the ecommerce platform Virtuemart which combines the Joomla CMS with the osCommerce shopping cart platform for a branded configuration.  (Virtuemart is also fully integrated with the Inventory Source product management solutions) However, Joomla users can manage their own shopping cart platform development as needed by combining the osCommerce plug-in for Joomla directly.

The Inventory Source Wholesale Drop Ship Product Automation Service allows a Joomla website owner to have a plug-in IT department and inventory management solution for your Joomla webstore.  No customization is needed on your existing Joomla/osCommerce platform, as we only need to add a single PHP file to your site to connect your new webstore with your supplier data.  Inventory Source can automatically load the products and images you want from your wholesale suppliers (You can filter by brand, category, price range, products with images only, sku and more.) and update price, quantity, and status on your items automatically.


You can control your prices in bulk and avoid out of stock sales.  Friday night if your supplier adds a new line of products, Saturday morning your Joomla tore can be one of the first webstores to sell these items automatically. The Joomla Drop Ship Automation Service allows you to take FULL advantage of your CMS and ecommerce store features.  The full inventory automation service is a real time saver and protects you against issues related to out of stock sales, price changes, catalog changes, MAP policy issues and more.

Let us help you increase the size of your Joomla product catalog with our integrated wholesale supplier sources.  You will find you can sell more and work less because we can automate thousands of products for you and manage their details as easily as managing a single item.   If you have an existing website and still need a custom install of the osCommerce shopping cart platform our custom development team can complete this for you as well.   Contact us at to get started today.